About Shields Pharmacy

Mission Statement:

Shields Pharmacy is dedicated to providing quality health care for individuals and their families in a caring, professional and ethical manner.

The Team


Steve, Pharmacist owner

Sharon, Pharmacist

Jo, Dispensary Technician

Theresa, looks after the retail area, special interest areas in wound care and incontinence.

Amanda, Dispensary Technician

We have been serving the Papanui community and wider Christchurch for over 40 years, offering a full dispensary service along with the best products and advice for your health needs.


If you are entitled to repeats on your prescription, then we will only dispense these at your request. Normally, repeats can only be dispensed if 2/3 of the previous dispensing has been used up. If you have special circumstances (such as travel or mobility issues) let us know so other arrangements can be made.

Prescription Subsidy Card (PSC):

We maintain a record of how many prescriptions you and your family (partner and dependent children under 18) receive from 1st February to 31st January each year. After you have paid for 20 subsidised prescription items in this year you are entitled to a PSC. This gives you a discount on prescription charges set by the Government.  


Most prescriptions will carry a co-payment set by Government Policy. We will charge you this co-payment according to the information given to us on the prescription and in our records. Please ensure we have your updated CSC, HUHC or PSC cards as these may entitle you to extra subsidy.  Some medicines are not fully  subsidised and will carry a “part-charge” which you will be required to pay over and  above the co-payment. In most cases there will be a fully subsidised alternative which we may be able to supply instead. This can be discussed when the need arises. In all cases a receipt will be issued showing the total cost to you. If there are other services you require, please consult our price list on our Home page, on the front door of the Pharmacy, or ask one of our staff for details.

We have a registered Pharmacist on site at all times and will be able to discuss your medicines and health care with you. Our dispensing staff all have appropriate qualifications and are supervised by a Pharmacist. Qualifications are displayed on the wall by the Dispensary. 

Our Pharmacy services include professional advice and counselling about your medicines, including:


● Directions for safe & effective use

● Expected outcome of therapy

● Possible side effects

● Storage requirements

● Safe disposal of unused medicines

● Dispensing of prescribed medications under subsidy by the CDHB as well as non-subsidised medications

● Professional and ethical advice about medications and how to make the most of them

● Maintaining a medication profile to assist in improving your health outcomes.

We also keep records of non-prescription medicines in your file as appropriate. Safety: For your safety we have an obligation to report any dangers about your medicines to your prescriber. This will be done in a confidential manner. We have written policies and procedures for security and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

Patient rights and responsibilities:

In the event of a complaint, please contact us and we will strive to sort out any issues. If we cannot resolve your complaint to your satisfaction you are entitled to contact the CDHB (ph 364 4103) or the Health & Disability Commission (ph 0800 377 766).

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